“Self-defenceIT – Migrant women defend themselves against violence in new media”

This Action Research project focuses on the social and technical needs of migrant women in their use of digital media services.

Mothers and migrant women working in the education and childcare sectors will be supported in their supervision of children and youth, through encouraging confident use of – and access to – modern media technologies such as mobile phones, computer games, internet services etc.


Project Structure

Self-defenceIT – investigating the status quo in relation to the social and technical needs of migrant women – by migrant women

Following the Action Research approach, group interviews are being conducted in four countries with mothers and youth from migrant backgrounds. The core topics of the survey are technical as well as social needs in relation to interaction with digital media services.

In a further investigative measure, insights gained during advisory work will add to the results of this initial analysis and will also contribute to the development of the measures.


Self-defenceIT – developing advisory and workshop services appropriate to national contexts and requirements

Advisory and workshop services will be developed in accordance with the results of the investigation, taking into consideration the respective national requirements and situation of migrants. These services are intended to support migrant women in their supervision of children and youth and their use of digital media.


Self-defenceIT – artistic intervention as part of educational concepts

The approach of the Pedagogy of Freedom, as formulated by Paulo Freire, runs as a constant thread throughout the entire project. A central element of this educational approach is to incorporate the lived reality and experience of learners into the curriculum. The objective is to learn to regard the environment critically and not to regard it as fixed and unchangeable, and to also be able to name it. This approach aims to contribute to freedom from dominance and oppression in a problem-oriented and dialogical way.
Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre can also be traced back to Paulo Freire’s approach. Instituting Forum Theatre in the context of the workshops is intended to widen insights gained through scenic comprehension. Courage to act differently in real-life situations grows with the development of imagination and creativity.

A project for migrant women to develop a mobile video in cooperation with artists is intended to break down barriers and overcome anxieties.


Self-defence IT – building confidence through national and international distribution of findings

The distribution of the content and findings of the project is facilitated by regular PR to encourage media presence as well as participation in discussion forums, and organisation of public discussion groups and conferences on a national and international level. The homepage on which you are currently can be regarded as a further source of information.


Self-defenceIT – Key communicator work through local and national exchange of knowledge. Local partnerships

Local partnerships and networking assist in dealing with social challenges, and help to anchor the projects in public discourse.

In Austria:
- – art and culture on the net
- PANGEA – intercultural media workshop
- Radio FRO – independent Linz radio on 105.0 MHz
- KiJA – children’s and youth advocacy, Upper Austria
- Linz Office for Women
- Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies, Johannes Kepler University, Linz

In Spain:
- Cultural association “La Escalera Karakola”
- Departamento de Sociologia I (Cambio Social)
Facultad de Ciencias Politicas y Sociologia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
- Centro Hinspano Centroamericano (CEPI centroamericano)

in Greece:
- Kasapi, Association of Filipino Migrants in Greece
- United African Women Organization

in Germany:
- Office for Migration and Integration, City of Freiburg


International partnerships and local networks establish perspectives for research, education and advisory services.